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“Timely, entertaining, thoughtful and very practical. Your book validates what I already think and feel. I know these things, and now I have a demarcation. It is liberation.”
-Barry Cogbill, the man who inspired the book

“The Definitive Guide to Peace and Happiness for the Third Millennium after Christ!”
– Buddha

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Swami Pranayomama holds a Master’s Degree in Perseverance from The School of Hard Knocks. He keeps on file numerous pieces of paper, which signify his other accomplishments as well. However, most of the really cool shit he has done is but orally documented around campfires.

For many years, the Swami Gave a Fuck about many things. He finally decided to lighten up. Over time, he learned How To Not Give a Fuck, and is now sharing this wisdom freely with the world.
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