Swami Pranayomama holds a Master’s Degree in Perseverance from The School of Hard Knocks. He keeps on file numerous pieces of paper, which signify his other accomplishments as well. However, most of the really cool shit he has done is but orally documented around campfires.

For many years, the Swami Gave a Fuck about many things. He finally decided to lighten up. Over time, he learned How To Not Give a Fuck, and is now sharing this wisdom freely with the world.

Actually, the Swami decided this information is valuable, so he is selling it in the form of a book. And once he gets you to divulge your email address, he will constantly bombard you with free information-less webinars and lots of other shit you absolutely must purchase if you want to attain enlightenment. Just kidding. He will let you know when new articles and books are available, and slowly leak bits and pieces of cool free shit, uh, I mean, useful information.


Isaac Freed resides in Northern California, where he has stumbled upon numerous opportunities for personal growth and self-realization. He achieved enlightenment in 2012. It lasted for about a week.

Having studied the teachings and practices of gurus, masters, teachers, healers, guides, therapists, philosophers, drunkards and hobos, Isaac thought he could do a better job than they could of helping you find peace and happiness. So without much ado or fanfare, he dubbed himself Swami Pranayomama, and wrote a book about it.

Although he has been called Expert, Guru, Master, Shaman, Baba (and a few not-so-flattering names), Isaac would never have the hubris to don these titles himself. In his spiritual superiority, he condescends to those who label themselves as such. That is why he chose the name Swami, because it’s like, totally humble. He considers himself a proponent of the cultivation of awareness and compassion, while only pretending to be enlightened himself. In addition to writing and laughing, Isaac enjoys laughing while writing, laughing while making love, romantic earthlit walks on the moon, and long walks off short piers. He also loves to talk about himself in the third person, which is totally fuckin’ weird.

Now go make your life better, and make the world a better place, by purchasing and reading your very own copy of the new book, “How To Not Give A Fuck In Ten Easy Steps”. You may enjoy a few good laughs, and even find greater peace in your life. At the very least, if the Swami has not led you to become an enlightened being, he will have enlightened your wallet.