See what people are saying about the book:

“Timely, entertaining, thoughtful and very practical. Your book validates what I already think and feel. I know these things, and now I have a demarcation. It is liberation.”
-Barry Cogbill, the man who inspired the book

“The Definitive Guide to Peace and Happiness for the Third Millennium after Christ!”
– Buddha

“Extensive scientific research has been conducted on the subject of human happiness, almost none of which was referenced in this book.”
-Albert Einstein

“Swami Pranayomama is such an asshole! He just pretends to be a spiritual guru so he can get laid. Please do not buy this book or support him in any way. He is such a creep! Jeez!”
– Julie, Swami Pranayomama’s ex-girlfriend

“I knew it was a bad idea to bang one of my disciples. So I banged half a dozen of them. Julie didn’t like that. But hey, I gotta be me! It’s all about authentic self expression, right? And when you are as infinitely loving of all beings as I am, then it is only natural to want to hump each and every one of God’s beautiful creations, animate or inanimate.”
– Swami Pranayomama

“I don’t give a fuck!”

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“This book is crude and offensive. I cannot recommend it to anyone.”
-Rudyard Kipling

-Mark Twain

“E pluribus unum.”
-Julius Caesar

“Accolades for this monumental work of genius continue to pour in from all sorts of unbelievable sources!”
-Swami Pranayomama

“My editor told me to change these testimonials, because they have nothing to do with the book itself. So I fired her.”
-Swami Pranayomama