Often, energy chords, or Sticky Energy, are imposed on another person when we want their attention or approval. It can also occur when we do not like a person, and judge them negatively.

It is said that resentment is like drinking poison, and expecting the other person to die. Resentment stems from an insistence that a person be other than they are. For instance, I have found myself unconsciously resenting a person like this: “I feel hurt by your behavior. You should not behave in such a manner as to hurt me, therefore I resent you”. Resentment embodies the unwise Giving of Fucks. It fills you with negative feelings, without changing anything.

Instead, it is possible to allow people to be who they are. Accept what is, if you wish to find peace, rather than suffer. Resentment is a form of Grasping. The cure for Resentment – Forgiveness – is a form of Letting Go.

Forgiveness is the antidote to resentment, and a keystone in Mastering How To Not Give a Fuck. No matter what terrible thing someone has done to you, it is up to you to heal the pain, and deal with it. They did the best they could have done at the time, given who they were, what inner resources were available to them, and the pain in their hearts. And it is up to you find peace and happiness for yourself in this lifetime, in spite of the way others have treated you.

A powerful practice in the process of setting yourself free is to make a list of all those whom you resent. Name everyone who you do not allow to be themselves, because you find it offensive or hurtful. Go back in time, through your life. Think of everyone throughout the years and decades towards whom you still feel animosity. When I did this for myself, the list was over 50 people!

Then, one by one, think about each of these people. Understand that they could have done no better, given their state of being at the time, and their lack of Awareness and Compassion. Have empathy for their pain and suffering.

You can even go so far as to actively wish them well. The Buddhists call this Metta. The Christians call this Prayer. For each person who you resent, hold them in your mind and in your heart. Say to yourself out loud: “May you be safe and secure. May you be healthy and strong. Pay you be happy and peaceful. May you live with grace and ease.” Muster within yourself as much sincerity as possible while you say this. Visualize them living your prayer. Realize the ultimate oneness of all beings, and the primacy of compassion. Let Go of resentment. Practice Forgiveness. And then notice how you feel. Are you lighter? Are you more peaceful? Are you more free?

This is what it means to Not Give a Fuck.

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