A launch pad directly into the heart of the time-honored practice of Not Giving a Fuck is to do the exact opposite. Give as many Fucks as possible about everything in your life, especially those things that you cannot change or control. If you think this is counter-intuitive – to Give as many Fucks as possible in order to stop Giving any Fucks at all – then shut your intuition-hole and listen up:

Have you ever noticed how it feels inside of you when you are bothered, frustrated or upset by someone or something? It could be that you resist a situation in your life, or a way the world is. It could be that you want things to be different than they are. You are worrying about things that are out of your control.

Any time you are frustrated, angry, or resentful at the world being the way it is, or not being the way you want it to be, you are Giving a Fuck unwisely. Keep Giving a Fuck, and notice how you feel.

Are you are willing to cultivate your capacity for Awareness, so that you can notice when these states arise within you, and consciously choose the wiser path?

You may wish to deepen your awareness as a regular practice, so that you can begin to soften your insistence on the world being how you want it to be, and resistance to its not conforming to your requirements. This is a proven path to peace.

In Getting Started, we become aware of our grasping – our desires and aversions. In order to cultivate your capacity to Not Give a Fuck, practice the opposite, noticing how unsettled you feel. Unless you are actively doing something to change a situation, then Giving a Fuck about anything that is other than you wish it to be is wasted energy, and counterproductive to your happiness. Eventually, you may decide to change your response to the world, accept things as they are, and find peace.

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