“Timely, entertaining, thoughtful and very practical. Your book validates what I already think and feel. I know these things, and now I’ve got a demarcation. It’s liberation.

I know already that I shouldn’t Give A Fuck. However, I am programmed to Give A Fuck. However, I read your book. And it’s like, now that’s the demarcation. It’s like, everything I knew and was nebulously thinking about and believed in, you have substantiated. And now, when I am confronted with a situation and have to make a decision about Giving A Fuck or Not Giving a Fuck, I have reference.

You’re on the same page as, say, am I a Christian? No. Do I ask myself when confronted with a dilemma, what would Jesus do, and base my decision on that? Yes. It usually works out. The same thing with your book. It’s like, wait a minute. Is this something I should Give A Fuck about? Wait a minute. No. No, it’s not something I should Give A Fuck about. I love describing your book to people. I’m like, he wrote this book called How To Not Give A Fuck In Ten Easy Steps, it’s all about Giving A Fuck.

You have so many Fucks to Give. Where are you going to place them? Green Bay versus Pittsburgh? God is gonna be like, I have 50,000 Green Bay fans praying to me, and 50,000 Pittsburgh fans praying to me. God is like, what the fuck am I gonna do? God said, I Don’t Give A Fuck. God figured out How To Not Give A Fuck, and that’s before he read your book.”

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