Upon examination, it turns out that most of the things we concern ourselves with, care deeply about, worry about, desire and even obsess over and worship, are not of much value. We expend vast amounts of energy and attention unnecessarily.

These things often serve to distract us from the Presence of Being, and from the true nature of who we are, as Beings. We define ourselves by our work, wealth, possessions, pastimes, beliefs, social status, relationships, etc. Yet how often do we take the time to be still, to be silent, to turn within, and get to know who we really are, once we set aside our distractions and outer definitions?

So much of what we Give a Fuck about is non-essential. We distract ourselves from what truly matters. These things may provide the fleeting satisfaction of the sense pleasures, an avoidance of facing unsatisfactory experiences, a perpetual distraction from inner knowing – an impediment to inner peace.

Most of what we waste our time Giving a Fuck about has only this value towards the conscious evolution of our souls: In that dissatisfaction may continuously arise from outward grasping, we may eventually find ourselves exhausted from holding on to how we want the world to be, and from resisting how the world is. Then we may seek peace.

When you learn to cultivate Non-Attachment, a.k.a. “Not Giving a Fuck”, it will set you free. Free from suffering. Free to be who you are. Free to reside in the present moment. Free to love all beings.

Now, I am not suggesting that you stop caring about everything. To the contrary, I encourage you to care deeply about yourself and Other People. I urge you to contribute to society, rather than detract from it. Care about your health, the environment, your community, etc. The idea here is to exercise discernment. Give your mind and body quiet time and stillness. Meditate. This can begin to allow you access to the wisdom of knowing what is worth caring about, and what is not. And when you stop to think about it, as it turns out, most things in life are simply not worth Giving a Fuck about.

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